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Sage Mirror

Sage Mirror

Lippan art work - MDF, Clay, Craft mirrors, acrylic mirror. Blue

Dimensions: 10 inch by 10 inch

Weight: 300 Grams

Art work: Lippan Art

Style: Modern

Artist: Nitisha Jha

Lippan art is a traditional form of handcrafted wall art from the Kutch region of Gujarat, India. It is made by pressing mud and clay onto a flat surface, such as a wall or canvas. To incorporate a Lippan handcraft into your home decor in a minimalist way, you could choose a piece with a simple, sage-colored design and hang it above a mirror. The mirror will reflect the Lippan art and create a sense of depth and movement, while the sage color will add a calming, earthy touch to the room. You could also pair the Lippan art with other minimalist elements, such as sleek, modern furniture and neutral-colored accents, to create a cohesive, understated look.

  • Product Info

    Design may vary, depending on the art and creativity used by our artisans. Quality and authenticity assured!

  • Refund & Return Policy

    This handmade product is made to order and requires lot of hard work and time for the artisan to create the style. Thus, it is non-returnable and non-refundable.

  • Shipping Info

    Delivery charges are additional and it would take 10-12 days for the delivery for this product!

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